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Breast & Endocrine Surgeon in Malaysia


HK Breast Centre, provides a comprehensive approach to the management of breast and thyroid diseases. The HK Breast Centre is a one stop Breast Centre that provides high quality consultation, examination, imaging and management of breast diseases by a trained Endocrine and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon.

Provision for minimally invasive breast surgery, sentinel node biopsies, oncoplastic breast surgery (cancer surgery with immediate reconstruction) are some of the procedures provided and conducted by our Breast Cancer Specialist apart from the full range of treatment for breast diseases.

Both benign and malignant breast diseases are treated with the latest imaging and state of the art treatment modalities. Patients with both benign and malignant endocrine pathologies are also provided with complete management especially thyroid and parathyroid diseases. With the availability of nuclear medicine facility, a comprehensive treatment is provided.


Dr. Harjit Kaur is an Endocrine Surgeon based in Prince Court Medical Centre and Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur. Dr Harjit Kaur's special interest is in Breast & Endocrine Surgery. Her main interest is the management of breast diseases in particular Breast Cancer, Thyroid and Parathyroid Disease.

Dr. Harjit Kaur is an 'Oncoplastic' Breast Surgeon performing not only resectional breast surgery for breast cancer, but also reconstructive and cosmetic breast procedures both immediate and delayed. She is involved in a multidisciplinary team that provides a holistic and complete care for patients.


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Harjit Kaur

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